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Global health needs have changed markedly in recent decades. The greatest threat to the health of previous generations was posed by infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. Scientific advances and population changes, however, now present the world and the Asia Pacific Region with new and different challenges. Global populations are ageing rapidly with significant implications for health. Hong Kong’s 2011 census results indicated that the population aged 60 and over nearly doubled in the previous two decades. In 2011, 1 351 000 people in Hong Kong (that is, 19.2% of the population) were aged 60 or over. By 2039, that figure is projected to grow to nearly three million. Such population shifts have occurred alongside changes in the structure of families and communities. As people are living longer, rates of chronic and non-communicable diseases have increased. Family and community support networks have also changed and now governments and society more generally are having to think about how future health needs can be supported equitably and efficiently. The work of IRCAHC aims to address these contemporary concerns through research that is closely linked to policy and practice so as to support effective future planning.

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