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Current Trends in Health Communication: The Arrival of the Third Edition of the Routledge Handbook of Health Communication

Joint Online Seminar by Department of English and Communication and International Research Centre for the Advancement of Health Communication (IRCAHC)

Date: 15 October 2021
Time: 10-11am (UTC+8)


The area of study that we call health communication has evolved incredibly in the last 50 years. The first journal in the field, Health Communication, began publication in 1989. This publication outlet rapidly encouraged researchers from a variety of backgrounds to turn their attention and efforts to the ways in which what we know about communicative processes could be uniquely applied to health issues and to the health care setting. This included those with backgrounds in interpersonal communication, mass media, and social influence. The journal quickly grew in size and now publishes 14 issues a year, averaging 15 articles per issue. The abundance of work led to a need to bring the growing field together; the first edition of the Handbook of Health Communication was published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates in 2003. The 2nd edition came out in 2011 and the 3rd in September of 2021. Learn how the field has evolved in this short time span. Discover the new trends that have emerged and the directions in which work is now going. Join us on 15 October 2021 (Friday) at 10am with Teresa Thompson, editor of the journal and senior editor of all three editions of the handbook as we trace these trends—find out how you can build on this body of work!

About the Speaker

Teresa L. Thompson (PhD., Temple University), Professor Emeritus, University of Dayton. Dr. Thompson is the founding editor of the journal Health Communication; she has edited the journal since 1989. She has co-edited all three editions of the Routledge Handbook of Health Communication and served as editor of the three volume SAGE Encyclopedia of Health Communication. She has published 75+ articles in such journals as Human Communication Research, Communication Quarterly, Public Opinion Quarterly, Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, Communication Education, Western Journal of Communication, Omega: Journal of Death and Dying, and Journal of Family Communication as well as numerous books. She has been honored by both the National Communication Association and the International Communication Association for her work in health communication. She received the annual Alumni Award in Teaching at the University of Dayton and the College of Arts and Sciences Scholar of the Year Award from the university. Her current work focuses on communication issues relevant to COVID-19 and ethics in health communication. She is also presently teaching for the University of Kansas.